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Our basic GM Engine Conversion information

(NEW) GM LS3 6.2L/376" V8 EFI 430HP & 424# torque
This is a 50 State Emission Legal conversion.
This is also legal in many other Country's.

(1) GM 350" EFI V8 w/350hp & 400# torque
This is a Performance 350" V8 with mild idle.
This was our most popular conversion.
while conversion supplies last

(2) GM 383" V8 w/340hp & 435# torque
This is a light Truck/SUV 383" V8 with smooth idle.
while conversion supplies last

(3) [HOT] GM LSA 6.2L 376" V8 w/556hp & 551# torque
This is a Performance 376" V8 with mild idle.

(4) [HOT]GM LS9 6.2L EFI V8 w/630HP & 600# torque
This is a Performance 376" V8 with mild idle.
Custom conversion.

(5) GM 350" V8 w/260HP w/ or wo/EFI
This 350 was used in Cadillac and has a smooth idle.
V8 Engines are NEW GM units,
while conversion supplies last

(6) GM 4.2 iL-6 w/291HP 24 Valve dual O.H.C. EFI take out engines
 and 4 speed OD Automatic generally with less than 10,000 miles.
while conversion supplies last
(1 left)

We currently are doing the conversions in our shop, stop in and see.
Fly in to Cleveland Air Port and we will pick you up and give you the tour.

SHADOW STRECH LIMO 1955 "R" Type"R" Type
Sample Photo's of some of the types of vehicles we have converted.
We do conversions World Wide, send us you tired Rolls or Bentley and let us add new life and reliability to your classic not to mention ease of service most any where in the world.
Photo Gallery of the GM 350 & 260 HP EFI Engines in a Rolls Royce or Bentley vehicle.
We use the stock Rolls V8 mount points to retain the engine and transmission vibration control Rolls engineered into the car.
We also do Cloud Conversions the same way.
NEW: GM 4.2L-iL6 for older 6 cyl. vehicles.
This is a 291hp twin cam 24 valve EFI Engine.
Do you have a Limousine Service?
Call us with your needs.

Right side of 350" V8, 350HP & 400# Torque Left side of 350" V8, 350HP & 400# Torque Front Engine Mount to Rolls frame mount Engine to Rolls Transmission Adapter Rear Sub Frame to Pan clearance Front Engine mount to Rolls Sub Frame
350HP 350"V8 with 400# Torque, GM EFI and rams-horn exhaust manifolds, performance idle
  260HP 350"V8 with EFI connected to Rolls Air Filter.
The Rolls Royce/Bentley Shadow/T 412" V8 has up to 240HP wo/turbo.
350HP 350" V8 Polished EFI option.
Customer installed Rolls Royce badges on our optional custom valve covers.
LS3 430HP 6.2L V8 in a Rolls Royce Corniche.
Customer installed Rolls Royce badges on custom engine cover.

Give us a call and ask a bought custom options.
LS3(NEW) LS3 EFI 376" V8 Emission Legal 430HP & 424# torque.
 Click on pictures for larger view.


No frame cutting or welding required to install the GM 350" V8 Engine.
A special Oil Pump & Oil Pan are required to clear the Rolls sub frame.

If at a later date you wish to re-install the Rolls V8 it is just a matter of un-bolting the GM & bolting the Rolls back in and no-one is the wiser, even the Rolls Air Filter is retained when ever possible to help your Rolls sound like a Rolls.
This is just what Limousine services need for greater reliability and lower operating cost.

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

  Have Chuck contact me (Phone number required). or give him a call @ (440)-234-6810
       We will be glad to call you any place on earth, give us best time to call, best 9-5 East in USA (English Only please)
Fast way to get information is to give Chuck a call, quicker than the internet for us.

Model* Year *
Serial #Optional, Limo Service



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