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Fuel Filter

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Rolls Fuel Filter that is easy to service with parts available most any parts store in the world.

HELP: I am looking for NEW
AC GF62C Filters
if you know of some units please let me know.

 DSCN1359.JPG (160577 bytes)Old & New New Filter unitNew unit  Filter assembly Assembly   Filter with drop type bracketDrop unit Filter in the Rolls or Bentleyin the vehicle GF-157

This Fuel Filter is very easy to service, just un-screw the can and replace the filter and re-install and your finished.  We offer the AC GF-157 element however the Fram CG20, NAPA FIL3271 or Hastings G3875 also can be used as replacement elements.

To install the assembly just remove the Rolls unit and re-install the new unit with the supplied adapter and fittings right back in the original place with-out any modifications required.  We offer both stile mounting brackets depending on which type your Rolls or Bentley came with.

Key Benefits: 
AC-Delco Full-flow Fuel Filters offer maximum performance with:

bulletA Large filter element With a lot more paper to trap more containments than the smaller Rolls unit.
bulletA Large filter element Will help protect that expensive Fuel Pump.
bulletA Large filter element Will help protect the Carburetors or Fuel Injection.
bulletA burst of strength Five times greater than most engine Fuel operating pressures.
bulletA lath cut "O" ring seal ensures a leak proof connection between the filter can and gasket retainer mount.
bulletThermosetting adhesive seals hold paper media in place ensuring dependable filtration of Fuel flowing through the filter.
bulletA Stainless Steel mount plate Never rust laser cut mount plate for long life.
bulletAn Aluminum mount for a heave duty base for the filter and can.


Description SKU # Price USD
V8 Spin-On Fuel Filter assembly kit, Hi mount  5650030H NLA
V8 Spin-On Fuel Filter assembly kit, Drop mount 5650030D NLA
V8 Spin-On Fuel Filter for the Cloud S-II & III 5650030C NLA
Replacement Fuel Filter Element, supplied w/kit GF-157 $5

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