need help on starting problem please.

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Posted Byv8_chevy_camaro on September 06, 2002 at 23:01:16:

hey guys. i need your help on this one. the car is a 97-Z28 with 6spd and has about 50k miles on it.
it was running great yesterday. but didn't start today. i mean the starter motor won't rotate the engine. when i hit the ignition switch, it
just goes like: click click click...
it also heppend when i tried to turn the lights on or
honk on the horn. well, the battery was kinda weak. so
i hooked it up to my other car and tried to start it
again. but again: click click click....(only this time
it was alot faster)
it even caused to almost shut my other car off(while
hitting the ignition).
i even rotated the motor by putting it in 1th gear and
pushing the car a little (in case of any broken teeth
on starter gear or flywheel). but nothing happend.
i don't know what else to do man.
i mean this car is pretty heavy. i can't push it and
put it in gear. i don't think it's the starter motor.
it can't be the engine neither. the last time i drove
the car, was like yesterday or couple of days ago and
it fired right up. it was running great man. i don't
know what happend to it.
so, just tell me what to do.
please help me if you know anything about it.
this car means alot to me.


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