Big block chev tri power?

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Posted ByJames on October 06, 2002 at 01:20:24:

Does anyone have any information on tri power? I came across a tri power induction for a big block chev. The number on the GM manifold is 3919852, the carbs are, 3659, 3659, 3660 holley two barrels. The set up looks pretty complete, air cleaner, thermastat housing & choke assembly even fuel lines. I've been told by some that it is worth a small fortune to restorers & not to use it but sell it as is. None of the jocks in my age group even know what it is let alone set it up! Some of the older guys with the vintage street tin say they were the best induction system ever made for the big block, others told me they were only for looks & lower rpm speed. An older guy at a local performence/machine shop told me they ran lean & melted pitons & were only made a few years. these things work? Does any one hav any experience with one of these? Did they have problems or did they really work? I meen if they worked so great how come there not in use today, or are they? The manifold carbs looks cool for sure but even if it works bichen I'd still have to get bigger heads to fit it cause the big block in my short bed has oval ports. What is it worth if I want to sell it? If I did decide to use it some day is there anything that I should be aware of or need to know? They look like they function just like the 3310 on my big block except they have rubber hoses to the vacume pods for the secondarys. Any comments/suggestions would be much apreciated from those who have had experience with these carb set ups.

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