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Posted ByBung Rhoma on January 10, 2003 at 06:58:04:

In Reply to: Turn 6 dollars into thousands, this realy works. posted byRich on October 28, 2002 at 02:01:16:


Member Benefits by RichMails

$100 Signup Bonus
3 Referral Levels
$25 per Referral
Get Paid To Read Email

Following the program outlined below, I will sign up 27 referrals under this program in the next 24 hours.

My earnings are: $100 sign-up and 27 referrals x $25 each = $675 for a GRAND TOTAL of $775 in the next 24 hours.... NOT BAD for a THURSDAY!!!!

Try this "FREE" program - you have nothing to lose!!! You can Make $100 in the next 3 minutes if you want it... WITHOUT Spending a Dime!

You can start to Earn ANOTHER $675 in the next 18 minutes with RichMails! $675 in your account, with NO INVESTMENT!!!

Thats $775 (including your SIGN UP BONUS) in your PayPal, e-gold or check to your home (no catch). This Will Cost YOU NOTHING!!! HONEST!!!
(Yeah... right! You say...)

You get $100 just for joining and the referral potential earnings is STAGGERING! You will Never SEND money, Never SPEND anything, and Never ASK for money, but you will still make THOUSANDS!!!

You know me, I was thinking, "Yeah right. I've heard that before!" But this one works - TRY this!

It DOES NOT cost you one cent. As a matter of fact you get paid $100.00 JUST FOR SIGNING UP (no strings attached). With a small amount of
effort in fact, you can make THOUSANDS! NO BOLOGNA!

Just follow the steps below.

1. Listed below are three email addresses & sign-up URLs.

2. Clink on the URL next to #1 (or paste it). Sign up at under the first ID and you'll get $100 just for joining. So CLICK on the #1 POSITION and SIGN UP. (Be sure to follow the
instructions for activating your account.)

3. Next, Send an email to the third (#3) person on the list (that's me) and put in the subject line: "I signed up under #1"

4. Now, Copy this letter into your word processor and edit it.

5. Delete the #1 person below. Move the other TWO UP and insert YOUR information at the BOTTOM, in the #3 position. (Please be sure you copy or type your email and your new RichMails URL

6. Now, email this letter to as many people as you can until you receive 3 emails saying, "I signed up under #1."

(That's it, only 3 responses, not 6, or 10 or 20 -just 3!) When your address gets to the #1 position, you will have 27 people signed up
under you!

Not bad, but ONLY the beginning. A short (very short) time later, each of those 27 people will have 27 people signed up under them, and so

RichMails pays you for everyone who subscribes under you...and it adds up fast! They make their money from their advertisers. You won't
regret this!

Here is the list of names:




Note1 : This is a 100% legal service. Refer to Title 18 section 1302 of the US Postal and Lottery code. If you have any questions of the legality if this program, contact the Office of Associate Director for Marketing Practices, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Washington, D.C.

Note2 : Good Luck and take a chance. Let's keep this honest. Please, no cheating! And, may God bless you.

Note3 : If you try to cheat in this game, what you don't understand is that you cheat yourself ! (meditate about it and you'll see it's true!!)

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