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Posted ByMahalo on March 23, 2003 at 18:18:37:

Would you be a distributor, seller?

Do you (or someone you know) have free time, and would like to make income while helping others to live healthfully?
Here is a wholesome idea.
You could work at home, no matter where you are located on earth.

No cost, no inventory
Bring in buyers, and we send you commission checks
Small but solid income in the beginning, high future growth potential
Broad market, popular dietary supplement products

Simply contact us at to set it up.


Pardon me, for presenting an infomercial.I hope this is somewhat informative, pleasant, and enjoyable.

We honor mother nature's graceful recipes to achieve health and longevity.

Our products are made of unique combinations of nutrients and herbs:

eye nutritions - lutein, Triple B Super Vision
liver protection - milk thistle, ViaVita (Lecithin)
for hair loss problems and hair growth - Hair Million
natural sleep aid - Good Dream
weight loss, colon cleansing - Slim Essence, LaxaColon
prostate enlargement prevention - Saw palmetto
constipation relief, colon cleansing - LaxaColon
Coral Calcium, DHEA, Double G Super Power, Triple G Super Health,
Natural Wonder Woman, Royal jelly, Golden Ener-Z, ProStamina, Herbal Breath, and more

DreamPharm offers mother nature's timeless recipes, combining old herbs from around the world, and nutrients uncovered by modern science.

Bye Mygrain -herbal headache relief
Coenzyme Q10 - Co Q10 and three finest tonic herbs
Coral Calcium
DHEA - DHEA plus Panax ginseng and Chinese yam
Double G Super Power - Ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng together, sound body and mind
Echinacea - Echinacea and licorice, immune booster and cold/flu relief
FeminiCare - Ladies tonic herbs
FeminiMate - Ladies discomforts, leukorrhea
Ginkgo biloba - sound body and mind, energy and mental acuity
Golden Ener-Z - Great herbal formula for energy and strength
Good Dream - wonderful sleep aid
HairMillion - hair loss problems? HairMillion helps with hair growth.
Herbal Breath
LaxaColon - Colon cleansing, constipation relief.
Milk thistle Healthy Liver
Natural Wonder Woman - herbs for menopause symptoms and PMS relief
Royal Jelly - Royal jelly plus panax ginseng
Saw palmetto Prostate Health
Slim Essence - for weight loss and fitness
Triple B Super Vision - Bilberry, blueberry, and blackberry. Plus lutein, vitamin C, three vision herbs.
Triple G Super Health - Majestic trio of garlic, ginger, and grape seed extract.
ViaVita -Lecithin and vitamin C

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