Concentrate on taking care of the engine

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Posted ByBen Basye on May 05, 2002 at 00:19:08:

In Reply to: Cadillac HT4100 Engine "More Power?" posted byRyan on March 07, 2002 at 01:47:23:

Hey. I have a 1984 sedan deville with the HT4100 engine. I have already searched for performance cams and intakes, which none exist. Your engine is very prone to failure. The HT4100 is a horrible engine. You should be lucky that it still is okay. YOU SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON PREVENTING ENGINE FAILURE rather than try to puch more power from it.
The ht4100 has a problem with leaky coolant in the motor oil. Apparently as the engine ages the aluminum cylinder walls actually let coolant seep through tiny holes and let the coolant get in the motor oil. This causes main bearing failure. Other famous spots include the intake gasket and the o ring seals at the bottom of the aluminum sleeves. The engine gives absolutely no indication of failure, it just runs till the last drop.
keep track of coolant consumption. Hopefully your car dosnet leak motor oil so if there is a leak of coolant in the oil the level will rise and you can identify a problem quikly. Change/flush the system each year and quality oil changes every 3000 miles are a must. NEVER let the engine overheat. This engine is a time bomb. I have one... Email me for more info as im still trying to find out more on this disasterous engine. Good Luck! Bye.

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