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M&G Brake System

Berea Automotive Engineering
M&G Dingy Braking Systems
Don't settle for anything less!
Fastest hook-up and NO box to store
Top it off with the Blue-Ox TowBar


The M&G Unit is the most reliable unit you can buy.
It's simplicity makes it that way, (KISS).
No adjustments required ever.
Hook-up only takes seconds.

The braking system is the most important system in your car. If your brakes fail, the result can be disastrous and ruin your day and vacation.


M & G Braking Systems are the most effective brake system on the market today.
With two basic models: Air and Hydraulic, M&G Car Braking Systems can solve your motor coach/towed vehicle braking problems!

   Is your Motor Home & Dingy vehicle legal in all States & Canada?
If you do get into an accident will an ambulance chaser see a deep pocket?

Stopping your RV with your dingy in tow will always require greater distance.
Even a Hi-End Diesel Air Brake Coach will take longer.

Most States have passed laws with requirements for towed vehicle braking systems.
Please check with your State & States you might travel to or through.

  Our Mission

  We provide Installation service for M&G Dingy Braking systems as well as Custom Blue-Ox Tow Bar Base Plates for your RV towing needs.  We are a dealer for both M&G Braking & Blue-Ox Tow systems.

Contact Information, give Chuck a call 440-234-6810

Electronic mail ,but Calling Chuck will be faster.

Call for Base Plate Car, SUV & Pick-Up applications.

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Last modified: 03/27/08